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Program Offerings

Day Treatment Program

Our Day Treatment Program is an evidence-based, present-focused counseling model to help people attain safety from trauma and/or substance misuse. It is a structured scheduled program of treatment activities provided three days per week while the client resides at home to assist the individual to develop skills to manage substance misuse and related problems. It will directly address both trauma and addiction in a safe and supportive environment.

Why Day Treatment?

Day Treatment offers more flexibility,  and it is most beneficial for individuals whose addictions are less severe, who have an inflexible employment schedule or family obligations that make residential inpatient treatments and impossibility.

Requirements for attending Day Treatment include:

  • Day Treatment is available to women 16 years and older.

Intake requirements include:

  • Completion of an assessment package
  • Interview with a Day Treatment Caseworker
  • The ability to commit to day treatment attendance
  • Be able to attend the least intrusive intervention that will assist in attaining recovery goals.

For more information please contact Tel: 519-252-2711 Ext. 108

Virtual Community Treatment Program

  • Virtual Community Treatment is available for women who do not fit the criteria for residential or day treatment criteria.
  • Pre-Treatment and Virtual Pre-Treatment is available to support women waiting for residential or day treatment programs.
  • Aftercare and Virtual Continuing Care is available to support those women who have completed a residential, day or virtual treatment program.
  • Recovery Park is an alumnae support group available to those women who have completed residential treatment and aftercare.
  • Brief Crisis Counselling is available to women and their families.