Capital Campaign

After 39 years of “bursting at the seams” at our current location just off Huron Church Road we have been able to obtain another larger property from the Catholic School Board on Adstoll Road which will allow for a much-needed expansion.

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The House is respected both in the region and the province for its quality of care. We provide a safe therapeutic environment, while eliminating unnecessary strains on emergency rooms at local hospitals. Our “home away from home” allows those who are experiencing a hardship to receive the care they need, for themselves and their families. Our vision is to “empower women through their recovery” so they will once again discover a wise and balanced life.

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Importance to the Region

Windsor-Essex has been identified by the government as a “hot spot” for providing care to vulnerable women such as those we serve each and every day. This means that our region has one of the largest populations of “high users” of health care. Thousands of households have been impacted by lay-offs and loss of income, which has also resulted in high demands on addiction and mental health services. The need to respond quickly to those with addictions has been overwhelming for clients and health providers.

Currently, we have 17 beds available to women who are 16 years of age and older, and we desperately need more. Fifteen (15) of the beds are funded by the Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and, of these; four are designated for pregnant women. Since over 90% of women with addictions have experienced some form of trauma (i.e. sexual, physical, emotional or mental abuse), we are the only women’s centre that offers an integrated trauma element. We are also the only organization in South-Western Ontario that accepts women on drug replacement therapy.

A Growing Need - Thank You For Your Commitment to Help

Women in recovery have many specialized needs that range from mental health issues to concerns over childcare, all of which affect their recovery.
The following is a list of our organizational concerns that are being addressed by Building for Recovery:

  • Our inability to respond adequately to the new regional strategy in our current location.
  • The lack of bed capacity and long wait times (4 months).
  • The need to improve access to local resources, particularly for women who have an opioid addiction.
  • The lack of private visitation rooms for Children’s Aid Society visits.
  • A growing demand to expand resources in support of women and their children during treatment.
  • Comply with AODA (Accessibility for Ontario’s with Disabilities Act).
  • Our current location as a whole is not well suited to persons living with a disability.
  • Counselling rooms needed for private one-on-one sessions.
  • A gymnasium is required for recreational programs.
  • Clients have limited space for quiet, reflection time.
  • Additional space is required for family visitation.
  • Inadequate space for student placements.
  • A growing need for improved capacity and privacy to meet Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) requirements.
  • The need for day and evening programing.

Future Plans

The House of Sophrosyne is now at a crossroad as we have reached the point in which the demand for our services far outweighs our current capacity. Our Board, staff and clients agree that our facility is just too small, and we are now forced to explore building expansion options, and our planned expansion will be to include the treatment “moms with their young children” because of the huge barriers facing many women. It is difficult for a woman to admit she needs treatment, but almost unbearable to leave her children behind in order to get the help she needs.

It would be a pleasure to provide you with a guided tour of the new property at your convenience. Building for Recovery offers many opportunities for involvement. Donations of any amount are always appreciated by the House of Sophrosyne and it will take support from a great number of people to build our future. For those who wish to give a larger gift, perhaps as a memorial or tribute to a loved one, room naming opportunities are available.

Future New Facility

5305 Adstoll (27000 sq ft) Our current location is 8,500 sq. ft. Expansion will increase the number of double occupancy beds and private pay beds, provide much needed private spaces, Gymnasium, Board Room, Staff Lounge, Counselling Rooms and reduce wait times

Future Staff Lounge

Future Board Room

Future Dining Area

Dining room for clients, large group rooms that will double as conference rooms.

Future Site Bathroom

1 bathroom shared between 4 clients. Accessible bathroom facilities.

Future Site Medical Examination Room

New exam room will be more comprehensive and meet accessibility requirements.

Future Site Counselling Room

Multiple private counselling rooms for individual sessions that provide a warm therapeutic atmosphere.

Future Site Bedroom

Double occupancy from the current double/quad rooms. Clients coming into our Residential Facility will be welcomed and provided with a “home away from home” atmosphere.