COVID-19 Program Schedule Changes

Addiction Programs and Services

The House of Sophrosyne (HoS) offers a continuum of programs and services at no cost for individuals with substance use disorder.

12 Hour Crisis Telephone Line (Monday to Sunday): 519-252-2711 X 100

Virtual Treatment and Support Groups available are:

**For more information or to register for our programs call 519-252-2711 X 115. Programs are available to females and males in Ontario.

Breaking Free

Breaking Free Online is an online treatment and recovery program available to all clients who are currently enrolled with the House of Sophrosyne. It employs a wide range of innovative multimedia formats, making it powerful, engaging and very easy to use. It contains 20 evidence-based intervention strategies, giving it the depth and flexibility to help anyone who is struggling to control their drinking or use of drugs. It offers people a toolkit of 46 downloadable resources that will continue to support their recovery far beyond the 12-month treatment period, safeguarding all the positive changes they make. It includes comprehensive guidance for supporters and practitioners, allowing them to enhance the treatment process by participating actively in it.