Our Philosophy

Empowering Women through their recovery

Sophrosyne means a “wise and balanced” life. Our perspective flows from a philosophy of empowerment that offers women the tools for leading full productive and balanced lives. Empowered women make choices based on healthy and realistic options and exercise choices in consideration of the consequences. The House of Sophrosyne believes women require unique and supportive programs provided in an all-female environment in order to initiate and sustain the process of recovery from chemical dependency.

Our programs, provided by women for women, utilize the most current methods in an atmosphere specific to the needs of women. The House strives to facilitate the process of rebuilding physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually with self-esteem and self-concept as integral themes. Recognizing that addictions affect individuals, families and communities the House provides support programs to address all of these issues.




HONESTY in recovery, in relationships and in financial management.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for choices, actions and outcomes.

SHARED RESPONSIBILITY through teamwork and mutual support.

MANAGING CHANGE with flexibility.

COOPERATION & COLLABORATION with each other, community partners and funders.

ACCESSIBILITY & SUSTAINABILITY by removing barriers and through innovative, wise use of resources.

ENHANCING CAPACITY of House of Sophrosyne’s staff, individuals and families to achieve spiritual, physical, emotional and mental wellness.

QUALITY IMPROVEMENT through seeking input, evaluating, reflecting and educating.




A society that embraces, values and invests in substance use treatment for women and their families locally and across Ontario.




Through service excellence and leadership, the House of Sophrosyne exists to treat women with substance use disorder and associated mental health conditions and their families to achieve health, wellness and empowerment throughout recovery.




Client and Family Centered; Social Justice; Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Respect; Collaboration and Advocacy; Evidence Informed Practice; Continuous Quality Improvement; Integrity, Compassionate and Non-Judgmental; Quality Improvement; Spiritual Growth.