About Us

The House of Sophrosyne is a charitable organization that has been active in Windsor-Essex for 40 years, providing programs and services to women and their families who are battling substance misuse. Founded in 1978, the House of Sophrosyne offers community and residential programs to help women struggling with substance abuse. The house takes in female clients for 5 weeks at a time.

The organization’s name comes from Greek mythology: Sophrosyne was the goddess of discretion, temperance, and moderation.

The House of Sophrosyne’s stated philosophy is to empower women’s lives with wisdom and balance.


Our People

The staff at the House of Sophrosyne is comprised of competent, highly trained people that are focused on providing excellent service and care for clients. It is through their dedication and commitment that we are able to deliver successful treatment services to the clients we support.

Our Board of Directors bring an exceptional and diverse set of skills, experience and commitment. Our staff and Board of Directors work together to empower women through their recovery.


Karen Waddell Executive Director

Karen Waddell
Executive Director

Doris Stillman Program Director

Doris Stillman
Program Director

Vivian Wang Business Administrator

Vivian Wang
Business Administrator

Sandra St. Denis

Sandra St. Denis
Executive Assistant


Importance to the region

Windsor-Essex has been identified by the government as a “hot spot” for providing care to vulnerable women such as those we serve each and every day. This means that our region has one of the largest populations of “high users” of health care.

Thousands of households have been impacted by lay-offs and loss of income, which has also resulted in high demands on addiction and mental health services.

The need to respond quickly to those with addictions has been overwhelming for clients and health providers. Attributed to the unique specialized services we provide, we have a seven month wait for women entering program. Among our priorities for the future are increasing the number of beds and reducing wait times once relocated into our larger facility. The House of Sophrosyne is respected both in the region and the province for its quality of care. We provide a safe therapeutic environment, while eliminating unnecessary strains on emergency rooms at local hospitals. Our “home away from home” allows those who are experiencing a hardship to receive the care they need, for themselves and their families.

The needs of women and families in the region have changed since we first opened our doors in 1978. We are hoping that people and businesses throughout Windsor-Essex will embrace this vision.