I am so blessed to have been given a second opportunity at life. The House of Sophrosyne has been the tool that gave me my life back
Through the house I learned I am worthy of love, I am worthy of loving and of being loved. I am amazed every single day at the changes women are able to make as a result of the work with the house. Thank you to everyone who contributes to the work and the love that the house provides. Because of the House of Sophrosyne I know . . . I AM worth it ! I am blessed, I am loved, I am a survivor, I am ME!

~~ Erin Peterson ~~



Thank you so much for the direction, care and love you have given me in my process of healing. When I first came I trusted very few people and I’ve been able to open my heart to trust again and my heart has been restored. I’ve experienced acceptance. That has been key in my healing and now I am much more accepting of myself because of it. I learn something every time I come, if not just the love that I feel. Thanks again House of Sophrosyne for changing my life.

~~ Claire ~~



I have been coming to House of Sophrosyne for almost a year, in that past year I have met a handful of great women who allow me to be who I am with no judgement. I will continue to come to House of Sophrosyne because I am taught great life-long skills to help me stay healthy and happy.

~~ Abbey ~~



I am so very grateful to House of Sophrosyne for the care I have received. Even through the rough waters- I have not found it necessary to pick up a drink. I used to wonder why I moved to Windsor. But… God knew why I needed to be in Windsor. To find the loving care of a group called House of Sophrosyne and get on with my recovery… Thank you.

~~ Joanne ~~



I love the comfortable, loving atmosphere in HOS. With a limit on the number of guests they take in at a time, I was able to receive the individual, personal attention I needed. Counsellors were caring yet possessed the sternness and honesty I required to take a deep look at myself.

~~ Anonymous ~~



My experience at House of Sophrosyne will always stand out as a pivotal changing point in my life. My life had become unmanageable as alcohol consumed my being. I was lost and was open to accept the help the staff at HOS were so willing to give. It was extremely clear that they have a passion for what they do and the knowledge and experience to guide me on the road to recovery.

~~ Anonymous ~~



I love you HOS. You gave me my life back. And my smile, something I had lost for many years. Thank you!

~~ Sarah H ~~



House of Sophrosyne changed my life. Before I came there my life was a mess. Now I know how to cope again and love myself – thank you ladies of House of Sophrosyne.

~~ Kelly R ~~



House of Sophrosyne helped me come alive and gave me the skills and confidence to truly live life to its full potential.

~~ Jodi J ~~



Thank you, House of Sophrosyne. You gave me the skills to live life without drugs and alcohol, and for that I’m forever grateful.

~~ Sandra L ~~



I am grateful to House of Sophrosyne and the program of Narcotics Anonymous! I sincerely appreciate all the people inside and outside this disease who believe in me, especially when I doubt myself. A few months after I wrote this letter I used for the last time, that was two years ago. I wish for myself and every addict to stay clean just for today.

Goodbye Letter to my Addiction (opens in new window)

~~ Lisa Colbert ~~